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We discuss some of the most popular dentists to offer veneers in beverly hills today. 

Porcelain veneers are among the most popular dental restoration methods today, primarilybecause of their ability to conceal cosmetic issues and achieve instant resultsin a minimally invasive way. Many people prefer porcelain veneers over otheralternative options even though it is a costly procedure. Many dentists inBeverly Hills offer porcelain veneers, and some of the best are listed below:

#1 –Dr. Kevin Sands

414 NCamden Dr Suite 940

BeverlyHills, CA 90210

He isthe dentist to the stars and has successfully built a name for himself as oneof the best porcelain veneer dentists in Beverly Hills. Some of his celebrityclients include Britney Spears, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift. Although most ofhis clients are celebrities, he welcomes clients from all walks of life. Heunderstands the significance of a healthy, beautiful smile and he does his bestto help you achieve it.

Hisclinic has a welcoming and friendly ambiance that even those with fear of thedental chair feel relaxed and comforted. He will see you for an initialconsultation to evaluate the condition of your teeth and find out whether ornot you are a candidate for porcelain veneers and if other procedures areneeded before placing the veneers. He offers various payment options so it willnot be heavy on the pocket, such as enhanced patient financing, rPayment Plans,and CareCredit. Dr. Kevin’s goal is to restore the appearance and health ofyour teeth and give you a movie star-like smile.

#2 –Dr. Jason Kboudi

8641Wilshire Blvd # 205

BeverlyHills, CA 90211

Dr.Jason Kboudi has been in dental practice for over 22 years. He was originallyfrom Austin, Texas, where he completed his undergraduate degree at theUniversity of Texas and completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at theUniversity of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio Dental School, one ofthe best dental schools in the United States. He is one of the go-to dentistsfor cosmetic and restorative dental procedures like veneers. He acceptsinsurance such as Dental Network of America, Ameritas, Principal FinancialGroup, and Guardian.

# 3-Dr.Kourosh Maddahi

436 NRoxbury Dr #202

BeverlyHills, CA 90210

Dr.Kourosh Maddahi is one of the names you can trust when it comes to cosmeticdental procedures like porcelain veneers. He has been in the business for morethan 24 years and uses porcelain veneers to create beautiful smile makeovers.His knowledge, skills, experience, and artistic eyes are the tools he uses ingiving you a natural, beautiful smile. His impeccable work has been featured onvarious television shows in America, such as Oprah, Extreme Makeover, andEntertainment Tonight. Dr. Maddahi’s office works directly with a number ofcredit providers that offer no-interest financing options. You can call theoffice beforehand to set up your credit line just in case you don’t want to payout of pocket upfront.

#4-Dr.Joseph Goodman

241 1/2S Beverly Dr Suite 201

BeverlyHills, CA 90212

When inBeverly Hills and looking for a dentist for porcelain veneers, one of the namesyou can trust is Dr. Joseph Goodman. He is the pioneer in restorativedentistry, specifically the use of porcelain veneers in restoring oral healthand achieving a million dollar smile. His experience in porcelain veneers isunmatched. His credentials are impeccable and his passion for cosmeticrestorative dentistry is immeasurable. His work looks so natural that otherpeople can’t tell you have porcelain veneers. He has perfected porcelainveneer that when an onlookers notice you have one, he feels like hefailed. If you are someone who prefers natural looking porcelain veneers,then Dr. Joseph Goodman is the best dentist for you.

# 5-DrJoshua Ghiam

421 NRodeo Dr Suite T8

BeverlyHills, CA 90210

Dr.Joshua Ghiam is an award-winning cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. One of hisspecialties is hand-made and custom-designed porcelain veneers. Each patient isassessed thoroughly to determine the best smile makeover treatment approach. Nosmile is the same and so he works meticulously to mimic natural teeth so itwould be hard for onlookers to tell you are wearing porcelain veneers.

#6 –Dr. Neil Hadaegh

8920Wilshire Blvd #625

BeverlyHills, CA 90211

Dr.Neil is a product of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry,one of the top-ranked dental schools in the country. He has impressive schoolcredentials as he graduated at the top of his class. He focuses on biomimeticaesthetic restorations to provide patients with the most natural-looking bondedrestorations. The patient’s beautiful smile and comfort are his top priority, andhe follows the minimally invasive dentistry approach. Some of the procedures heis exceptionally good at are veneers, dental implants, root canal therapy, andbonded esthetic restorations.

Dr.Neil understands that while we all want to have a perfect smile, many peoplecan’t afford to pay for porcelain veneers in a lump sum. It’s good to know thathis dental practice accepts insurance, specifically Delta Dental. If you haveother insurance, it is best to ask about other accepted insurance whenscheduling an appointment. 

#7 –Dr. Catharine Song - Song Cosmetic Dentistry Beverly Hill's

300 S Beverly Dr suite #401 in BeverlyHills, CA

Dr.Song is an impressive dentist with a love for the science and art of dentistry.She focuses on porcelain veneers beverly hills, dental implants andbonded esthetic restoration. Dr. Song graduated top of her class at Universityof North Carolina School of Dentistry. Dr Song will also do minimal prep veneers in some cases.

In closing, It iswithout a doubt that porcelain veneers are among the most sought-after dentalprocedures today. The number of dentists specializing in porcelain veneers isvast and we have narrowed down the choices for you, so you don’t need to do thehard work. All that is left to do is contact your preferred dentist to schedulean appointment.

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